You're No More A 'Gamer' Than You Are A 'Listener', 'Watcher'

I'm posting this because it's been something that's been bugging me for a while, particularly when I'm talking about my job to people who aren't that big on games. People who just presume that because I play a lot of games, I love all games, and cock an eyebrow when I respond "eh, 3D fighters, I hate that shit". Writing on Edge, Steve Poole asks:

Do you know anyone who likes books and likes all kinds of books, from popular exegeses of quantum mechanics to Mills & Boon romances? Do many people like all genres of film, or all genres of music? It's very rare. We ought to consider it a tribute to the increasing breadth and maturity of the videogame medium that there are people who only play hyper-realistic FPSes, or games featuring talking fluffy animals.

Well put. Chances are, you're no more a "gamer" than you are a "reader". Time for a change in your self-labelling, "gamers"! Suggestions for amendments below, right after you read the entirety of Poole's great piece.

Loving, Hating Videogames [Edge]


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