Yourself!Fitness Developer Suing Ubisoft Over My Coach Games

Yourself!Fitness creators are suing Ubisoft claiming that the publisher first signed a deal with them to produce My Fitness Coach for the Wii , and then, after missing the Wii Fit launch window, started work on the unrelated My Weight Loss Coach game instead.

The suit, filed on July 16 and obtained by Game Daily, is seeking at least $US 26 million from Ubisoft for breach of licence agreement and continued damage.

That money is meant to make up for the licensing fees ResponDesign was expecting from Ubisoft as well as the royalties.

Ultimately, ResponDesign says that Ubisoft "from the outset failed to diligently pursue development of the game, ignored the terms of the licence agreement and acted in bad faith". After a while Ubisoft told ResponDesign that the game wouldn't be ready until first quarter of 2009 and the publisher also complained of missing assets. Ubisoft also told ResponDesign in July that it would be changing the name of the game to Yourself!Fitness in the U.S. and Go Fitness in Europe; it was no longer in the "My Coach" line. As of the filing of the suit, Ubisoft has not done any marketing or PR surrounding the game.

We've contacted Ubisoft for comment and will update when and if they respond.

Yourself!Fitness Developer Suing Ubisoft for 'No Less' Than $US 26 Million [Game Daily]


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