Activision Blizzard Announces Official Guitar Hero: World Tour Pricing

Forget about soon... try today! Activision Blizzard has sent through detailed pricing for all Guitar Hero: World Tour SKUs. The rumoured $299 tag wasn't far off the mark - it's spot on as far as the complete PS2 bundle is concerned. However, the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii bundles are more expensive... but not by much:

Xbox 360 & PS3 complete bundles: $329.95 Wii complete bundle: $319.95

The standalone game is also respectively priced at $89.95 on the next-gen consoles. Much better than what EA's throwing around for Rock Band anyway. The release with the prices also came with the following note:

Activision Blizzard operates on a wholesale price model. The recommended retail price points provided above are indicative only. Final retail pricing will be set by individual retailers and can vary to the RRPs shown above.

So if someone's offering it for craploads more, well, you can give them an earful.

Full pricing after the jump.

Super Bundle (Contains Drum kit, guitar, mic, software)
PS3 $329.95
XBX 360 $329.95
Wii $319.95
PS2 $299.95

Guitar Bundle (contains guitar and software)
PS3 $169.95
XBX 360 $169.95
Wii $159.95
PS2 $149.95

Standalone Game Software
PS3 $89.95
XBX 360 $89.95
Wii $79.95
PS2 $69.95


    Explain to me why the bundles for the fully wireless enabled consoles cost more than the bundle for the PS2 which would require additional wireless dongles to be included thus increasing the production costs?

    Heh - almost to the cent the price I've paid for importing "Rock Band 2" to Australia.

    Knock 'em or not for their charting style - this at least proves that Activision can professionally put together a near-simultaneous world-wide release, and do it at a reasonable price.

    I think if anything, this has just put the last nail in the "Rock Band" down under potential - based on earlier indications, there's no chance EA will even be able to approach that pricing - let alone the brand recognition that the "Guitar Hero" name has.

    Korwin: Microsoft charge people through the nose to use their wireless tech. Also I suspect that the PS3 pricing has something to do with having to license Bluetooth tech too.

    I sincerely hope that EA realise how stupid they're being with Rock Band and put the game back into the instrument bundle. They have the better band game, but they're squandering that.

    This is a joke. I imported Rock Band for PS3 containing a guitar, drum kit, mic and game for $229.97 US. Thats AU$275..

    So how much is it going to cost for either an extra guitar, or the super-super pack (with two guitars in it)?

    I guess the wireless technology costs more. Anyway, this price is outrageous. It's $180 US or $214 Australian in America.

    Uh.. on second thought I don't know why I even bother any more. Nothing will change.

    @Lionfire: Activision Blizzard has said that it won't be selling the guitar separately at launch, but will offer it eventually. As for a pack containing two guitars plus everything else, I haven't heard anything official.

    WTF is this quote talking about?

    "The standalone game is also respectively priced at $89.95 on the next-gen consoles. Much better than what EA's throwing around for Rock Band anyway."

    Rock Band 2 is 60$ & I thought GH:WT game only was also 60$. Is a type-o?

    High prices for games here are to be expected, but these are so much better than Rock Band.

    Everyone who ever whinged about Rock Band not being here though, someone at Activision seemed to be listening, I for one couldn't be happier.

    Looks like another order for play-asia.
    Hope this one is region free like all guitar hero's have been on the 360

    i cant wait for this i will be saving my money

    well it's two days to xmas and i can't the damn thing for love nor money. Sold out everywhere

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