Activision Suing Pirates RIAA Style

Peter Moore at EA may think suing pirates doesn't help, but Activision offers up a tall frosty glass of "fuck that" by suing a New York man for allegedly copying and distributing its games.

Edge Online
turned up the above case. GamePolitics had been doing a little digging of its own, and Edge's scoop provoked it to go with the results of its research. They found five other instances in which the world's largest, baddest, mightiest, richest games publisher wanted its money, Stewie-style, from file sharers. Call of Duty 3 is most often mentioned as the infringed game.

Four cases have been settled for a total of $326,000, or 407,500 Xbox Live Points. One is pending, and the New York man, Mr. James R. Strickland, is looking at $30,000 to $150,000 for each infringement Activision is alleging, or may allege in an amended complaint.

The full list of those sued (and/or settled) is on the jump.


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