Activision UK Giving Out Free Guitars With World Tour Pre-Orders

Now this is a pre-order bonus. Activision has announced that folks in the United Kingdom who pre-order Guitar Hero World Tour's 'super bundle', which retails for around £150 and includes drums, mic, and guitar, the company will throw in a bass completely free.

"This programme signals our enormous commitment to Guitar Hero World Tour," Activision's marketing director for the UK and Ireland David Tyler told MCV. "Consumers who pre-order the Guitar Hero World Tour 'super bundle' from any retailer - either online, or in-store - will bag a bonus bass guitar. This is a significant investment to reward our loyal fans, ensuring the full band experience is available from the off. With demand likely to far outstrip supply, pre-ordering is the only way to assure a copy at launch."

Of course this is only in the UK, which would disappoint me if my living room didn't already look like a life-sized Fisher Price My First Guitar Centre playset.

Activision gives away free guitars [MCV]


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