Agency Devs Exploring Cross-Platform Play

The developers of upcoming MMO The Agency, Sony Online Entertainment, are releasing the game on two platforms. PC and PS3. So it's natural to hope that they're looking at cross-platform play between users of either system, yes? Correct. Natural and fortunate, because that's exactly what they're doing. Replying to a question asking about play between PS3 and PC users, SOE's Matt Wilson replied "we're actually doing that at the office. Technology-wise, it's really not that complicated". Good news! Temper that good news, however, with a pinch of pragmatism; just because they can do it, doesn't mean they will. There's all sorts of things to consider, from the ease of hacking/cheating on PC to differences in control schemes to the inevitable "that's not fair" whining that comes when one group of players is using a control system they think isn't as good as another.

SOE's Wilson Talks Connected PC, PS3 Game Worlds [Gamasutra]


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