An Awesome, Incredibly Technical 'Making Of' Metal Gear Solid 4

As someone who fumbled about with 3D Studio Max for a good year, ultimately spitting out some crude robots, the majority of Softimage's "Making of Metal Gear Solid 4" case study flies many miles over my head. Regardless of my inability to be good with computer, the incredibly detailed technical aspects of modelling, animating, texturing and lighting still make for fascinating reading.

Okay, "looking" may be a better word, as the combination of artistry and technical know-how required to do a last minute fitting of Altair's Assassin's Creed outfit for Old Snake — shown in video form — is full of gee-whiz.

Even if you have little interest in reading thinly veiled marketing literature or 3D animation techniques from the Kojima Productions masters, the behind the scenes look at Metal Gear Solid 4 is worth your internet time. There's some cool Yoji Shinkawa concept art, effect-free in-game screen shots and very private pictures of Snake, naked without his textures.

The Making of Metal Gear Solid 4 [SoftImage - thanks, Mark!]


    Holy cow! I knew they had to go into a huge amount of detail to make their models but I didn't think it was that heavily intence!!
    MGS4 FTW

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