Announcing New Club Nintendo Goodies!

Japan's Club Nintendo really has neat things. Not all the things are neat, but enough of them are. The new goodies offered to Japanese Nintendo Club members are:

• DS title Game & Watch Collection 2: 500 points
It includes retro Game & Watch titles Parachute and Octopus.
Touch! Generations Soundtrack: 400 Points
A 25 song CD with music from Animal Crossing, Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Key word: Smoothing.
Mario Party 8 Playing Cards: 300 Points
Self-explanatory, we reckon.
• Mario and Luigi Mini Pouches: 300 Points
They look like Mario Bros. hats, but are game pouches.
• Nintendo DS Lite Pouches: 250 Points
Four different colours to choose from — yellow, red, green and orange.
• Original Mario Badge: 250 Points
Also, four different designs to pick from.

Announcing New Goods! [Club Nintendo via


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