Aussie Film Industry Insider Says Local Games Industry Can Shove It

Aussie Film Industry Insider Says Local Games Industry Can Shove It

budget_pic.jpgWhen your industry has the financial support of the Federal Government behind it, I’m sure it’s easy as hell to throw around snarky comments about other industries seeking similar compensation. Well, if this wasn’t the case, it’s been proven to be now after iTWire attributed the following prose to a film industry “insider”, talking about the game industry’s desire for film industry-like tax breaks:

The insider’s dismissal of this goal was somewhat cold. “The problem with the games industry in this country,” the insider said “is that it is full of many small studios that should be left on their own to see who survives”.

Obviously, GDAA prez and Tantalus CEO Tom Crago wasn’t going to have any of it:

“I’m a big fan of Australian films, and absolutely believe that our film industry should be supported by the Australian Government. It’s important to understand, though, that without that support, the industry would not exist in anything like the form that it exists today. To that end, it’s a bit rich for the film industry to say that games should go it alone.

I could quote a load of other insightful morsels, but you’re better off reading the original piece… if you can stomach the the view of the film “insider”.

Film Industry to Games Industry; “Stop whinging” [iTWire, via Tsumea]


  • The difference being that game developers want to remain small and personal. Game developers strive to be known for their games, we all know that Rockstar did GTA and Konami did MGS4, but do people have the same interest and understanding about films? As far as I’m concerned, there might as well be only one movie company, because they all pinpoint what will sell this season, and all go out and make their own version of the same movie.

  • I’m impressed that Tom Crago could say he’s a big fan of Australian film. Out of, I daresay very large, DVD collection the only Australian movies I own are Mad Max 2 and The Proposition and I was thinking of hiring Rogue… but as for the rest?

    I shudder to think my tax dollars are going towards tripe like Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueberry. Or the latest piece of crap from one of those guys who used to be on The Late Show.

  • They should completely remove Federal funding for Australian films. The funding partly insulates the industry from the crap films they make.

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