Bethesda Donating Amazing Fallout 3 Airstream to Child's Play

Remember that amazing Fallout 3 Airstream that I just won't shut up about? The one that was parked dead-centre in the middle of Bethesda's Fallout 3 booth?

As I mentioned earlier, the Airstream was completely gutted and refitted with a wonderful blending of 50s and Fallout 3 era knick knacks. The centre piece to the whole thing wasn't the working mini-fridge packed with Nuka Cola, but the flat-screen television installed in the back wall, complete with faux woodgrain framing and a mammoth wall mounted speaker.

Now you should be getting enthused about the Nuclear Airstream too. Turns out that Bethesda plans to donate the amazing piece of schwag to Child's Play following the launch of the game. Can you imagine winning this bad boy and parking it in your front yard for late night gaming sessions. The whole thing, I'm told, even runs on electricity.


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