BioShock PS3 Versus BioShock 360

Sure it takes a little while to get started and eats up a lot of drive space, but other than that, the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock 3 looks amazingly similar to the Xbox 360 version, as seen in this side by side comparison Game Videos slapped together. A few discrepancies here and there, but nothing like the glaring difference we saw way back when the PS3 first launched. We've come so far, haven't we?


    Dude I watched that vid in HD downloaded on my pc and did frame by frame the only difference is that the ps3 in the water blurs our things that are further out like words... Well if you've ever been in the water especially the ocean you know that makes more sense then being able to read something 300 yards away like in the 360 version. Other then that the contrast difference is so that you can tell the screens apart.

    But I can guarantee you right now the ps3 version has better more full and richer particle effects. Its been that way for awhile now.

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