Blue Dragon Plus Adds American, European Release Date

The follow up to Mistwalker's Xbox 360 role-playing game Blue Dragon was released in Japan earlier this month for the Nintendo DS to so-so sales. Today, publisher Ignition Entertainment announced that it has picked up the title, hoping for greater success with its release of Blue Dragon Plus in North America and Europe in March of 2009. Wait, the press release actually says the DS title will "breathe fire" across the two continents, a disheartening announcement that spells certain doom.

In the short amount of time until we have left we're all burned to a crisp by Blue Dragon Plus' western release, you can enjoy the attached press release, which highlights the creative superteam of Sakaguchi, Toriyama and Uematsu, as well as "exciting RPG elements" like "item collection" and "character progression." What, no mention of menu navigation?


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