Can You Pick Out The New PSP-3000? Can You?

Well, we've seen how the new PSP (PSP-3000) stacks up against the old PSP-2000 — we've even gotten to read about it in English. But for those who like to look at pictures, we've got more pictures. Lots more. Pictures that do a nice job of showing how different the PSP-3000 display is. Right up there, is the PSP-2000 and the PSP-300. Can you spot which is which? And what are the cosemtic differences?

After the jump, the PSP's backsides.

Which one is the 3000? The 2000? What are the appearances changes?

PSP-3000???????????????????????? [Famitsu]


    Things I notice straight away are:-
    PSP-2000 has a 'Home' button, 3000 has the PS symbol on it.
    2000 has smaller edges on the sides.
    3000 has 'SONY' on the top left, whereas 2000 has PS symbol, and 'SONY' on the top right.

    PSP-3000 has a microphone hole.

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