COD4 Weekend Brings Double XP, Half-Priced Maps

As we mentioned last week, this weekend is a special double XP weekend for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare players, though now it's now an Xbox 360 only weekend, with PS3 fans most likely getting the treatment a week later. Also exclusive to Xbox Live is a special half price sale on the Game of the Year Variety map pack. The pack will be slashed from 800 Microsoft points to 400 from 12:01am Pacific on the 12th to midnight on the 14th, which coincides with the double XP event. Honestly I can't see how anyone still playing Call of Duty 4 doesn't already have this pack, but it's a nice gesture.

This weekend will also see members of Infinity Ward entering the fray between noon and 4pm on Saturday to play with their fans, so be sure to hit the jump, write down their gamertags, and start coming up with countless annoying questions to bombard them with as they struggle with the frustration of having to work on a Saturday.


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