Commander Keen Pastes It Up In Adelaide

keen_big.jpgThat's Commander K. alright! He's tearing it up as art all over the streets of Adelaide, running, standing, jumping and pogo-sticking his way between brick walls, street signs and other urban areas. Even pixelated, he's still cute as a 2D button.

The gallery's dated April 2008, but that doesn't stop it from being both awesome and sweet. You can visit it via the link below, or hit the jump for some instant additional pics.

Defender of Earth [Flickr, thanks Alex] keen_walk.jpg keen_drop.jpg keen_paste.jpg


    There is another one on Pultney St on the side of the 1st floor of "Rock Music" (Near Carrington St.)

    yeah, its the one right next to the coopers ale house

    And there's one in a window at my Uni on Hindley Street. I believe it's in the graphic design area.

    nice to see! i've seen the one behind rocket bar many times (3rd pic)

    Hes all over Australia.
    I live in Sydney and hes in Surry Hills and Newtown!

    Adelaide + Sydney != All over Australia

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