‘Consoles Are A Problem’ Says Oddworld Dev

‘Consoles Are A Problem’ Says Oddworld Dev

Oddworld Inhabitants Lorne Lanning thinks that Consoles are a big problem for games developers.

“Personally, I think the consoles are a problem”, he told GamesDeveloper.bizGameDaily, “Years ago I was excited about consoles, but anything that makes development more expensive, rather than better, faster, cheaper, I think is a step backwards”.

“I’m more excited about what I see happening on PC because I see it allowing for more smaller games to be sold that can be delivered to anyone who’s connected at much lower price points”.

I think what he is getting at is that you can just write a game for a PC and release it — you don’t have to negotiate with LIVE or PSN, for example — and use the Internet to get the code out to whatever niche audience you like.

This may be the case, but if you are developing a big title (like, say, a new Oddworld game) surely the big money sink is in the creative side of the IP? All that artwork, music and writing — plus the code, of course. Is the open nature of the PC that much of a boon when you have multiple graohics cards to support?

‘Consoles Are a Problem,’ says Lorne Lanning [GameDaily]

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