Cthulhu Is Calling Your iPhone

Cthulhu Is Calling Your iPhone

I knew the iPhone was powerful, but I had know idea it contained the sort of mystical energies needed to call for one of the Great Old ones. Mobile content developer Digital Jokers have just creating content for the Apple device, and their first effort shall be summoning the living embodiment of terror and madness in the form of Call of Cthulu: Darkness Within. It’s exactly the sort of point and click adventure that the iPhone needs to help important, on-the-go people look like they’re still on-the-go when they’re actually just goofing off with the elder gods.

The company will be demoing the game later this month. In the meantime, here are the first, oddly non-threatening screens.

Digital Jokers a company devoted to make content and marketing for mobile devices starts producing content for the platform I-Phone

Digital Jokers Mobile has more than 5 years of experience in development and marketing for mobile content. This gives them to be one of the most experienced companies in the market and enables them to ensure reaching the 98% of the devices fleet.

With the arrival of Apple I-Phone, will become one of the first Spanish companies to launch content for this platform. They will also offer its mobile marketing services to companies wishing to launch their campaigns in innovative telephone.

The first projects being developed by the company is adapting one of its most successful games (developed by the subsidiary Mayhem Studio), Call of Cthulhu, an adventure game that is perfectly adapted to its touch screen.

The demo of this game will be presented in September.

With this presentation, is intended to show the potential of the company for future investors and video game development companies or customers, for, in the words of Daniel Sanchez, CEO of Digital Jokers “to create the necessary technical department to allow carrying After all jobs that require any company to create new content or adapt existing ones to I-Phone with the greatest of guarantees “.


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