David Jaffe On Sarah Palin

We gotta give it to God of War creator David Jaffe: Dude speaks his mind. Says what he honestly thinks. And he doesn't pull any punches. In a recent video blog, the game developer offers his opinion on John McCain's Vice President pick, Sarah Palin:

The VP pick... When I found out about McCain's VP pick, I was like, "Okay, look, there's no way the Republicans are happy about this at all". And there you go, they're raving like this is some great choice. So if anyone who's watching this is a Republican, please comment and explain to me... You know, it doesn't seem like the Hillary thing is gonna work for most women. I can't imagine most women, or voters in general, although certainly women in this case, are going to say, "We didn't get Hillary, we'll vote for this lady.

I think she's, you know, kind of cute. She's the perfect definition of a MILF. Not to, you know, disparage her or anything. I'm not trying to sort of make it about that, but it's like that's what I see when I look at her. I didn't love Hillary but I looked at her and I saw experience and intelligence... you look at this woman and you see a MILF. That's what you see.

Her experience doesn't really seem to indicate that she would be all that great as a vice-president and certainly not a president. What are they thinking? The more important question is why am I seeing so many Republicans saying this is great?

Video clip below, Jaffe starts talking about Palin at about 3 minutes 40 seconds in.

God of War Designer David Jaffe Reduces Sarah Palin Candidacy to Lowest Common Denominator [GamePolitics]


    Oh Jaffe, on a MILF prowl again, you ole "cunt hound"

    The whole election is an interesting situation because back in the Clinton admin, McCain was called a Democrat lapdog by most republicans. McCain is one of the good guys actually. I'm not trying to get him elected, I support the democrats because we can not have the republican party running this country for another 8 more years.... BUT I've watched McCain on Cspan, as he chaired comitees relating to things like SUV roll overs, and Cable À la carte.

    I've seen him be quite fair and involved... so i dont think hes this dumb. I mean how can you pick this MILF and expect all of the disappointed Hillary supporters to now jump party and elect McCain.

    Does McCain think that women are more interested in having a Vagina in the white house VP seat... more than say national health care? I mean what is McCain thinking? This is nuts and rather pathetic.

    Now what about the Clinton years, where McCain was considered a democrat by republicans and critics?

    McCain is a service man... sworn to duty for the good of the country... Has teh republican party been good for this country the past 8 years? No. Disastrous, not good.

    So why did he do this? Maybe his team is just amatuer, because this is just pathetic looking. BUT... Then i look at how McCain is behaving, all over the map on the political trail, its almost as if he wants to lose.

    Would McCain losing be beneficial for this country? Yes. Would having the Republican party in control of America for 8 more years be good for this country? Fuck No!

    Is it possible that McCain is losing this election, to see that Democrats become elected? Perhaps McCain knows whats best for this country after all?

    Its a weird situation because republicans are eating up the bullshit McCain tosses at them, even when it goes against what they beleive. Like Jaffe says... A MILF??? The GOP is rallying around a MILF? For Bukkake maybe... I would... and her fucking daughter :) BUT..... on serious issues???? I dont know.

    Then again, a less than 32% approval rating of the Bush Administration... the lost approval in history... Republicans are probably very desperate.

    Either way... Obama has to win this one. Its for the health of our country. We cant afford the WORST of two evils to run this country for 8 more years.

    We just cant. Give the other idiots a try. Vote the democrats in. If they do nothing in 8 years, at this critical moment... we're going to have a revolution on our hands...

    But hey i voted for Nader in the past 2 presidential elections. So.... i've been ready for change for sometime.

    The bullshit wheel spins way to fast in this country. TV News is ridiculous, Politics is about appearance and trendy catch phrases like "Leave no child behind" and "Patriot Act". We're very shallow minded, Its like we look at the yummy icing on the cake, but ignore the dog shit under it.

    This election is a key moment, and we cant have the party that fucked it up, fucking it up more. But dam... a MILF sure is fucking tempting.

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