Dead Space Gets Internationally Banned

Germany, you probably knew this was coming, given Dead Space's focus on blowing humanoid heads into fuck-all, but you won't be getting your hands on the EA LA developed sci-fi horror game. And you won't either, certain Asian territories. That's according to the title's community manager Ben Swanson, who writes on the game's official blog "we've recently found out that Dead Space will be banned in Germany, China and Japan".

And by "banned" we can assume that, at least in Germany's case, Dead Space was refused classification by the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle, as many graphically violent games have been before it.

In Japan's case, we're not quite sure if Dead Space was "banned" or given a dreaded sales-killing Z-rating by the CERO ratings board, making it essentially a money losing venture to release it in that country.

And China? No idea.

In Germany, when not outright refused, as in the case of Gears of War, Army of Two and Crackdown, some titles have their content noticeably sanitised — see The Darkness. Based on our experiences with Dead Space, cleaning up the game would take some serious effort.

You know what else is sanitized in Germany? The public restrooms. The Germans know how to keep a toilet clean, people.

Good News Bad News [Dead Space via GameSpot]


    not banned in OZ? i am tentatively excited..
    decided a couple months back not to watch any vids on this game, as i wanted to get it..

    hope it is not refused classification..
    dismembering aliens is standard stuff for an MA 15+ movie.

    It's already been classified MA15+ (uncut) in Australia you fucken idiots. Jesus, you dickheaded foreigners will jump at any chance to belittle Australia to make yourselves feel more secure about your own SHIT HOLE of a nation.


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