Deathspank Teaser Trailers

In January, Ron Gilbert announced that he'd be teaming with Hothead (Penny Arcade game) to develop an episodic RPGish, adventurey series. It was called Deathspank, and was described then as "Monkey Island meets Diablo". We're still a little flushed after seeing a sentence like that. Anyway, since that announcement, we'd heard precious squat (SQUAT!) about the game until these teasers popped up. There's not much going on, but at least it shows the whole thing's still alive. And that more games need a Thong Of Justice.

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    @Bokusatsu_Tenshi: "Trailer were neat, but didn't say much."

    They aren't trailers, they're teasers.
    Teasers never show much.

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