Disgruntled Ex-GameStop Employee Takes it to YouTube

Kotakuite 'Raven V.' sent us a link to the YouTube rants of a former GameStop employee known only as 'WhistleBlowerZero', who has made a 9 part (!) series in the style of Zero Punctuation to explain exactly how bad GameStop is to employees and customers alike. Many of the tidbits within will hardly be a surprise to anyone who's ever set foot in one of their stores and/or had the misfortune of working retail, but the series seems to be targeted more at the casual consumer and perhaps people who think working at GameStop sounds like a great job. Viva la revolución?


    Basically, alot of people that come into GameStop/EB Games think that just because they sell video games thats its not a serious business, and everyone wants something for free.
    I worked at EB Games for 6 years and while I did have some issues with certain policies, what do you expect from a company as large as that?
    Don't come into EB expecting to be treated a God, just because your a +40 Mage Elf in WOW, doesnt give you the right to come in and be complete demanding prick!
    Why should we give you $40 back for your shitty copy of GTA 3? You get your moneys worth from it while you play it!
    EB are no worse than any other multi-national it's just that ALOT of their customers are cynical, snot nose nerds who think they're owed something!

    Have to agree with you there aussie dude, i don't think a lot of people really grasp the concept of what it means to actually RUN a business. Also as a footnote i would like to add that in the australian context EB make squat all margin off new games (high cost price), unlike the states, so the pre-owned trade is the only thing that keeps the business running and growing. Ever wonder why JB, Gametraders and now game sell preowned? Also I dont hear anyone complaining about the localised special editions we get because publishers know large amounts of retailers = large amounts of sales. All because of second hand.

    I'm currently working at EBGames and there is a lot of pressure on us to be doing preowned sales and the like. But it's with good reason, it IS the only way for EBGames to be making money because we have practically no gross margin on new games.

    I was actually discussing it with the lead designer of Bioshock when I was at GO3 in Perth this year, and he was saying that there needs to be a lot more support from the industry for stores like EBGames financially so that they don't have to resort to trying to sell preowned games to make a profit, because it is hurting the industry.

    EBGames is really no worse than any other place, it is a BUSINESS and they are in it to make MONEY. If you're not going to make a profit in your business, you're not running a business anymore - you're running a charity. And a "retail charity" would not stay open long at all.

    I agree with the designer on Bioshock, there needs to be support from the industry for game stores so that selling preowned games is a choice, not a necessity.

    Reply to R3QUINIX:

    Have you considered the reprocussions of EB and JB selling their Pre-owned games? It's crippling the games market and does nothing for the Developers nor the Publishers that bring you the games. For that point alone i feel no sorrow at all towards these Places and think they can all 'harden the f*ck up'.

    It's not like that have to do much advertising either, the games pretty much sell themselves. All they have to do is open the door and keep enough products in stock, we'll all pay what ever the price is because its the only way we can get it. Also keeping games 'in stock' is something they fail to do all to often, usually blaming the Publishers / Manufacturer, but honestly we know most of the time it's because they are being safe and not getting to many copies until they know it will sell.

    Profit hungry businesses finding anyway they can to leech more money!

    I've never had a bad experience at EB games. Never had someone try to shove a used game down my throat or try to sell me something I didn't want. However I do know that you can find your games cheaper someplace else, be it JB hifi or a chain store like Target. If you shop outside Australia, at say Play-Asia, you can avoid our crazy pricing entirely a pickup your game at about 2/3 the price including FedEx costs. Which is will likely be cheaper then a preowned copy anyway.

    @ 'aussiedude'

    The problem with EB is a lack of customer service, a point I'm guessing that you will be unable to grasp going by that comment. You do know that to exist a 'business' needs those customers you berate so fondly? Remember that the same demanding buggers that annoy you so might be the biggest spenders too. Now I’m not saying you have to like them, but maybe just think are you and your employer treating your cash cows correctly?

    Can't watch this video at work, but the comments are interesting.

    'i would like to add that in the australian context EB make squat all margin off new games (high cost price), unlike the states'

    This makes me really curious to see how much these games go for wholesale out here. It makes me wonder what's stopping small businesses popping up importing their own stock.

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