Do You Apologise For The Developers Of Your Favourite MMO?

Flaw or solid design decision? Bad content or work in progress? When you jump online to browse the forum of your favourite MMO, what are you likely to type out in response to criticism? Dave Kidd over at Trembling Hand has written a great piece that should help you identify whether you're an MMO apologist or fan. From the story:

They're ultra conservative about the state of the game, and they place enormous faith in the wisdom and work ethic of its creators. They'll excuse clearly broken parts of the game as 'design decisions' and they see criticism as a personal attack on the developer — and thus themselves — and consequently respond defensively. It's a black and white world for the Apologist and you're either with him or against him.

Have you been caught out as a sycophant? You might find the answer is "yes".

Are You a MMO Fan or an Apologist? [Trembling Hand]


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