Dude Huge Weighs In On The PS3

There are things Dude Huge likes and things Dude Huge hates. Plastic guns for example, Dude Huge loves plastic guns. Just look at DH's face. Things he hates?

I hate the fucking controller. I'm sorry, I can't stand the PS3 controller. I love the Blu-ray player... I think there are some great games for PS3. I think Metal Gear's great. Heavenly Sword was great. But at the same time, right now, I'm always working on Xbox with Gears... I'm pretty comfortable with 360. I like its controller.

And it likes you too, Dude Huge.

Bleszinski on PS3 [VG247]


    Sure they could have made the L2 and R2 buttons a little better on the PS3 controls (maybe with a bit of a hook on the end or something?), but at least there isn't a stupid battery pack getting in the way of my fingers like there is on the 360s controls. I will admit though, they did a lot better with the design of the 360 control this time around, since it doesn't cramp your hands up like the old XBox one did. That thing was horrible.

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