Each Nintendo Employee Generates $1.6 Million In Profit

It's an odd statistic, yes, but also an interesting one! The Financial Times have looked at some of the world's top-earning companies, and worked out how much cash each generates per capita (ie divide the total profit by the total number of employees). Each worker at money grubbers Goldman Sachs, for example, is worth $1.24 million. Google employees can "only" manage $626,000. But Nintendo employees? Every one of the 3000 workers at Nintendo Towers generates $1.6 million. Yes, even the tea lady.

Nintendo makes more profit per employee than Goldman [Financial Times, via Develop]


    And yet they can pump out the same NintenShit year after year? thank god I jumped ship when the 64 was in decline...

    That's mind-boggling. I knew I should have asked for a raise when I used to work at the local GameStop pushing Super Nintentdo and N64 machines.

    Wow that's crazy. They should give those employees a raise!

    Nintendo is more productive than Goldman Sachs which makes me infer the adults are going bankrupt feeding their kids hobbies.

    Smells like some of that asian efficiency us Americans keep hearin' about.

    @Intel: "jumped ship" ? Is your room so small you can only fit ONE console? :P

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