Ecogamer prices The Force Unleashed

Ecogamer prices The Force Unleashed
ImageAnthony from Economical Gamer has shared his always awesome insights into the state of Force Unleashed pricing around Australia. And for the power gamers, there’s even a chance you could come away from some deals with more value than you’d ever expect from the Australian retail market. Quoth Anthony in his message to Kotaku AU:

There are two points of notice. Firstly, you can actually trade the game in at EB Games before the 24th at a value greater than you can buy it at Big W, Kmart and JB Hi-Fi. Great opportunity for power gamers. GAME also have a trade in deal for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DS versions where you can trade in 3 games of the same platform and get Force Unleashed free.

So who thinks they’ll win on that trade in deal?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [Economical Gamer]


  • Brought it today for xbox 360 on e-bay for $72. The game is region free, so all regions should work on aussie 360s. If I hurry and finish the game I may take advantage of EBs deal.

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