First Album Recorded Using DS KORG Emulator Released

..and by 'Released' we mean 'put up on a website in a Zip file'. Say what you like about the democratising power of the internet - it does rather suck the glamour out of album launches.

Anyway, what we have here is a cracking little collection of musical experiments created using the KORG DS-10 emulator for the Nintendo DS, for a competition at

I listened to all twelve tracks on the way home tonight and it is mainly what you would expect - squirly, twiddly synth sounds and squelchy beats. Some tracks have quite an 8-bit soundtrack feel — Aliceffek's 'Toneworks' is great fun and would not sound out of place on a Commodoure 64 platformer — while the brilliant 'DSTennis' by A Rival is reminiscent of Hexstatic's 'Bass Invader'


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