GameStop Ending Wrath of the Lich King CE Pre-orders Tonight?

The World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King may very well achieve something that many games before it have attempted to do but failed. The forthcoming collector's edition of the WoW expansion may actually be a collector's item. While we're not holding our breath, it would appear that retailer GameStop (and EBgames) may have already reached its allocation for Wrath of the Lich King and will be ending pre-orders at the close of business today.

AU: True or not, now we have real release timings I doubt the CE editions will last very long anywhere in the world. Don't wait too long, folks. -SB

The CE is listed as "Currently Not Available Online," a change from its status yesterday.

"Due to the number of reserves taken thus far, we are quickly approaching our allocation and may not be able to fulfil all reserves taken through close of business on Wednesday, 9/17," reads an internal communication to employees. "While we hope this is not the case, we will not know for sure until Thursday, 9/18."

That last bit is, quite possibly, good news for the folks who have yet to put down a reserve on the $US70 version of the game. Should you have a vested interest in calling yourself a collector, we'd advise getting your pre-order in sooner rather than later.


    Australia here, I get a call from EB Games today saying that I have 1 hour to come in and put another $10 on my preorder to get the CE. WTF? You already have my $20, you think im not going to buy it?

    well, it's remarkably insane just how few copies of the CE get to australia, compared to the number of customers who would buy one.

    GAME/EB have apparently closed off preorders, though i suspect in the 3 day window between allowing preorders, and running out of stock, a lot of these boxes will appear on ebay being sold by staff members. good work. good work.

    I had the same thing from EB and lost my place to order the special version of thr game , So now I have the normal version that sux EB !!!!

    I had a different story from EB. I was told when i put my pre-order in back in june that i was the first WotLK to be pre-ordered. I was told that i would be called to find out if i wanted a CE. well, the call never came so i went in store to make sure and was told "yes you have the collectors edition pre-ordered".

    Today, i called the store to find out the total balance and i get told that i don't have a CE and that only 5 have been allocated to that store! *i smell BS in the air!*...

    I was also told by the manager that the system automatically selected which pre-orders to upgrade to a CE. No. This is not on! I pre-order back in June to make sure i get the CE version to go with the CE versions of WOW & TBC, then they stiff me like this! Shame on you EB. oh and i was told that "we will put you on the list, just in case someone cancels ther CE pre-order". Tell me, what do you think are my chances now?!

    On a side note, this is the same store that tried to tell me that fallout 3 was not coming to australia and that I should not waste my money on pre-ordering it!

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