GameStop Won't Say Goodbye

PC games, you have a friend in GameStop. The retailer is not quitting you, no sir-y. Even with fewer releases and the growing importance of digital distribution, GameStop senior VP Bob McKenzie says the company is hanging in there. offers digital downloads, for example! According to McKenzie:

The number of new titles we have on PC is down probably more than what I had anticipated it would be down. But I don't see that as a threat or a signaling. We're not backing away from it at all... But we've just realised, this is too important of a category, so we've put a lot of them up on the wall again where there's stronger representation in our stores.

So don't worry PC gaming, GameStop's never gonna give you up, let you down, desert you, make you cry or say goodbye.

GameStop: PC Game Retail Sales, Diversity Decreasing Notably [Gamasutra via Shacknews]


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