Greens Against R18+ Rating For Games

greens_logo.jpgPoliticians and games classification. Like a bag of jelly babies, you get all sorts. There are those that can't see beyond their own ideals, others who should be shot, a few who believe games are some kind of mystical contraption that can't be monitored and the educated rebels who are fighting for reform.

Now, the Greens has weighed in with its thoughts and sadly, they're not in our favour:

According to, a website run by the Australian Christian Lobby where parties respond to questions likely to be raised by Christian voters, the Greens oppose the introduction of R18+ computer games 'because of the levels of violent content, sexual objectification of women and drug references that provoke this rating.'

The party's a bit of a mixed bag however, as last year it was all for tax breaks for game developers. A case of candy in one hand and a crotch punch in the other?

WA Greens oppose R18+ game rating, so which party supports it? [Somebody think of the children, thanks Michael]


    Well they just lost my vote for the WA state election tomorrow.

    See, there's a reason they are called the anti-development lobby...
    I imagine if they had their way, there would be no such thing as computers, and we'd all be sitting around a campfire singing Kum Ba Yah, hugging a tree or getting stoned under their decriminalisation laws.
    What's dangerous in this case is the mixture of Politics and Religion...

    If there can be a party that supports environmental crap (and does little about it), there should be a minor Gaming Party that does a hell lot more.

    the funny thing is games that are rated 18+ all over the world are all ready in Australia as MA15+ we need the R rating not to let more violent games it but to inform the parents that that game little bobby is playing is meant for a mature adult audience not children

    "There are those that can't see beyond their own ideals, others who should be shot" ...Let's be careful with our choice of words there mkay?

    Also, Ollie, that's a ridiculous comment. I'm assuming you're old enough to vote here, but did you even read the Greens official policy before the last election? I didn't see anything about Kum Ba Yah, hugging trees, or getting stoned. In fact, it was in my opinion the 2nd most fair and balanced policy of all the parties that didn't have names that put me off in the first place.

    I can't believe how many people don't see the hypocrisy in going round ranting about people talking about topics they are uneducated on - and in the process, spouting absolute rubbish because they can't understand anything that's not one extreme or the other.

    Yes, their policy does more for the environment directly than many other parties. No, they don't want us to all sing Kum Ba Yah and run around naked in the forest. I know these comments aren't meant to be 100% literal, but my point remains that not everything is completely black and white. There is middle ground.

    Also, Marcus, it's hard for them to do anything about the 'environmental crap' when they don't have much power because uninformed and arrogant people don't vote for them. Now, many informed people also don't vote for them, but I think if half the voters even read the parties policies before elections, we'd see the votes spread out alot more to most of the small to moderate sized parties, the Greens being *one* of them.

    I am 100% against censorship. 100%. But even with this policy on games, they're still way up there in my preferences because in my opinion they're one of the best parties, and that's my personal vote.

    We don't have to agree with them - I don't - but let's not go completely nuts. Don't vote for them. But let's never spread lies, let's not exaggerate, and let's not brush people off and ignore them completely because we don't live exactly the same as them.
    Let's not be the very thing we hate so much.

    Actually, Ollie, that's pretty much entirely nonsense. The Greens are falsely accused of being extremist tree-huggers, when the truth is they are probably the most pro-technology party in Australia (excepting things like nuclear power). The Greens have been consistently anti-censorship, and this statement by the WA Greens is pretty much contrary to everything the Greens have said about it in the past.

    I wonder if they're opposed to R18+ movies too? How many Greens members have watched R18+ movies? =)

    'because of the levels of violent content, sexual objectification of women and drug references that provoke this rating.'

    It's called choice.

    But then again, those who are interested in mature games probably have the means to purchase stuff online. So the only one losing here is EB Games.

    The christians don't want an R18+ rating...I am shocked... =/


    OK, fuck it. I want an R rating on the Bible. Now. Anyone that's read the Old Testament and finds any issue with the comparative violence and/or sex levels in games has holy blinders on.

    Firstly, to the Christian lobbyists, I'd love to say "Bugger off you myopic self-centred pricks!" Get your values and your God the fuck out of MY house.

    And for the gutless Greens clamoring for the votes? Grow a pair. We're adults and we can decide for ourselves what we should be exposed to and who to vote for. You're supposed to be the alternative to Big Brother, you stoner dickheads, or did you forget that?

    PS...Logan....I'm sure you meant 'crotch' punch, right?

    Why are we still a country run by laws based on Christian beliefs? You'd think mankind would be beyond that by now.

    It's not fair to run (or ruin) people's lives based on religion. I hate religion and I hate mayonnaise.

    And now my spacebarwon't work unless i BASH IT.

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