Halo MMO Concepts: What Your Sexy Mistress Chief Could Have Looked Like

Now that the cat's out of the bag on Ensemble Studios' canceled Halo MMO — codenamed "Orion" (or "Titan") apparently — we expect the tiny leaks of background information on the project to grow into a flood.

Thanks to one of our snoopiest readers Jeff, we have an in-depth look at dozens of pieces of concept art from "Orion", much of which provides fascinating insight into how the game was originally intended to look, from its many character types to creatures to vehicles to cleavage-exposing Spartan armor.

Some of our favourite pieces include the Grackle vehicle, a UNSC vs. the Convenant comparison line-up and possible character mounts.

On the fun side, we like the dual-gender Spartan aesthetics and would have liked to see how Forerunners Next Top Model would have been implemented.

We even get a look at the proposed character progression for the UNSC's "Assault" class from noob to level 60. And those Greys? Possibly even cuter than Final Fantasy XI's Tarutaru.

We're continuing to dissect some of the early character artwork to learn more about how "Orion" would have played. It appears the in-game look of the MMO is a noticeable deviation from the concept art and we hope that some of this unused material reappears elsewhere in future Halo titles.

Halo MMO Concepts Gallery


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