How Activision Will Nickel & Dime You On Future Call Of Duty Games

What is Activision? Activision is not a benevolent body of charitable individuals. It's a business, a cold-hearted, ruthless business, and it's out to make money. So temper your outrage with a dash of "oh, gee, never saw this coming" when you hear that they've got big plans to "monetise" the Call of Duty franchise. Starting with Call of Duty: World At War. When the game launches later this year, there'll be a two-tiered DLC offering; one the kind of DLC you expect, the other called "Day 1 Advantage", which is a premium DLC offering. Nothing further was disclosed, but you'll excuse us if we see the word "advantage" used in relation to "paying even more money" and think the worst.


    I wish Activision didn't hate us.

    Wow more features for the better edition? It's not like every major game hasn't been doing this for the past 5 years...

    Not to mention that it's irrelevant, people will still buy the game. The same thing happened when MMOs first arrived. "WHAT?!?! PAY to PLAY the game?". And look at all the accounts.

    Wow... what a horrible thing to do... add more features for a price. Those greedy bastards. While we're at it, lets jump on Every car manufacturer in existence while we're at it. $5,000 more for a GT model? WTF?!

    Chill. if you don't want it, don't buy it. It's not that hard.

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