id (Try To) Explain Away Rage 360 'Cuts'

Little bit of confusion yesterday over reports that id's upcoming shooter Rage had seen parts of the game cut - across all platforms - due to the 360's limited storage space. A 1UP report said cuts had been made, id said "nunh unh". Confusing! id have today attempted to settle the matter, with Tim Willits telling Shacknews "As far as game content, I will swear on the lives of my children that nothing was cut". So...nothing was literally cut, they just designed the entire game around the limitations of one of the target platforms? It's taking a different road (Semantics Ave), but don't we still end up at the same place?

id's Tim Willits on Rage, Xbox 360 Disc Controversy: Microsoft 'Not Being Dickheads' [Shacknews]


    So hang on, if there's no royalties issues why aren't ID spreading RAGE out over three DVD's? I just about creamed my pants when I found out rage was going to be multi-DVD, the amount of content they could cram into that is truly delicious. Two or three DVD's doesn't matter, it still means at some point you have to get up and change a disc. Big whoop. Or are console gamers really the tremendously lazy sofa blobs the stereotype makes them out to be?

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