Impressions of Life With PlayStation

Impressions of Life With PlayStation

As we previously posted, Life With PlayStation is live. We downloaded it (did you?) and took it for a spin. And yes, it’s basically Sony’s take on Wii News and Wii Weather — which isn’t a bad thing, per se. Life With PlayStation has literally just launched and it kinda shows. For example, there aren’t many cities on the Life With PlayStation globe. (Hello? Where’s Dallas?) But, we don’t doubt Sony will continue to add cities, though. Users can pull up news from Google, which is also kinda nice if you don’t have a computer. Our one big gripe: It’s somewhat hard to read the news text off a television from the sofa.

Feel free to rattle off your own thoughts and impressions in the comments section.


  • Hey your Captcha is so bad =(
    I was personally disappointed as I could not add my City to the map. I don’t want to know the temperature from Rio de Janeiro, but from the City I am right now!

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