Iron Man's got my back while I hold the fort

shay-ironman.jpg Logan has left the building, and a spanking new Editor has yet to claim his seat. So for the next few weeks I'll be manning the parapets with a little help from Tony Stark. Comic/movie version, not game version.

Some of you may remember me from another Allure blog. Or from the Courier Mail weekly games section last year (pre Logan). Or Hyper. Most of you probably don't care — just bring the games noise!

It'll just take a little work to get up to warp speed on the technical side of this beast, but I'll be bringing you your usual feast of game goodness day in, day out, until your shiny new game freak hits the desk.


    welcome back Shay!!!

    Sounds like you've got it covered.
    How's the search going for a new editor? Plenty of applicants I imagine?
    Well hope you have fun during your time here.

    I wasn't fully in the loop on the search (hey, I'm just a temp!) but they definitely had a truckload of interest. I think they're pretty close to announcing a name. Stay tooned!

    Good to see some new blood. But with Logan gone who won the Too Human contest? I am desperate to give this game a shot.

    You look like Wilks with long hair in that photo...

    I think we could do with some Hyper around here. Maybe they'll hire an ex-Hyper contributer to be the new editor... That'd be gnarly.

    Welcome back man!

    Lara is rather pretty to say the least....*sigh*

    Hey Seamus =) Didn't think I'd see you roaming the kotaku world. I'm mainly familiar with your stuff from Hyper. Getting someone from hyper on here would be awesome. Maybe the Toose or lord searfood haha. You guys are great =)

    Hi! *waves* I used to read Hyper back in the day, but I can't say I was all that observant enough then to recall any of the writers. Sorry about that, man.

    I will say that I practically lived in Hyperactive Chat back in like 99, though. Good times, good times. *nods reverently*

    Ha! So those rumours about the company owning your soul are true.

    just kidding. good to have you back Shay, even in limited form :)

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