Is This *Really* a Boomerang Controller Mod?

Reader Wakka sent this one in — a purported boomerang PS3 controller mod that's getting love on a few boards and hack forums. But ... looking closely, did this guy really find a controller that already approximated the boom's shape and finish the rest of the job with Bondo? Back in January, we told you about a Chinese knockoff of the boomerang that was making the rounds at CES. Both pics are on the jump. You make the call!

The purported boomerang mod:

The boomerang from CES in January:

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PS3 Batarang on Hackaday [, thanks Wakka]


    Its got to be fake, everything from the weird round thing at the top, to the cord are exactly the same.
    He's either replaced the buttons, or the image is just too blurry to see the icons clearly.

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