Judge Metallica Sound Quality For Yourself

Previously we brought word that the sound quality of the new Metallic CD is a disaster. Ted Jensen, head engineer at Sterling Sound, who mastered the album, allegedly responded to fan concerns, writing "I'm not proud to be associated with this one, and we can only hope that some good will come from this in some form of backlash against volume above all else." Metallica fans contend that the album is overly distorted, that clipping distortion from the album being mastered too loud, are making for bad impressions.However, the Guitar Hero version sounds great! The above clip compares both the CD and the Guitar Hero version. See if you can spot the difference — and remember, we're talking about sound quality here folks, not whether or not you actually like Metallica.

Metallica's 'Death Magnetic': 'Guitar Hero' beats CD? [NME]


    Having listened repeatedly to the album -it is awesome-yes the volume is a little loud-big deal.If that is the only concern get over yourself and turn your volume levels down.Overall on a scale of 10 this would be up there around 9.The only album to beat this would be Ride The Lightning,but hey this is 2008 and they sound awesome,can't wait till they tour Australia.

    Some people are missing the point of all this. It's the fact that when you overcompress and max out the volume on a digital recording you lose the dynamics and a lot of the punch in favor of consistent volume. No one's whining that it's too loud...that's what volume controls are for, get it?

    Just you've missed the whole point. If you listen to the clip above it's night and day. GH3 sounds wide, open, the music breathes... the CD sounds flat, compressed, undynamic. Way to go metallica - you've convinced me not to ever purchase another CD from you until you decide to give me what I pay for (your music, undistorted and uncorrupted). And this from a band that is fighting against music piracy and trying to encourage people to purchase CDs.

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