Kotaku Originals: Hot Air Guitar

Interesting week as the silly season for new releases churns up momentum. The big headlines Nintendo's going before the feds in an IP scrape that refuses to die; the world flirted with the Google/Valve rumour until we smashed down a crowbar upon that one. Activision's boss, presently vacationing on planet Zantrar 5, says they're "dominating" Rock Band. And I for one am thrilled that 50 Cent's next video game is not entirely caput kaput; for an evening rental among stoned friends, there's just no better ironic gaming experience than playing that un-ironic, unintentionally hilarious portrayal of Fiddy's badass guns-blazing supahero existence. Plus, who among us actually watched the entire hour of the TNT Amusement infomercial? The week that was in original reporting, highlights below, full roster on the jump.


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