Krome Artist Lost In Plane Accident

ianl.jpg You may have read a story on Monday about an aerial joy ride that went terribly wrong over Jumpinpin Bar, near North Stradbroke Island and South Stradbroke Island. It appears Ian Lovell, an artist for Krome Studios, was on the plane.

According to the story, the plane disappeared during an attempt to perform a massive loop. Search and rescue efforts found a propeller on August 31, but otherwise no wreckage has been found. Very sad news, and I can't imagine how everyone over at Krome is feeling. All the best to the studio and Lovell's family.

Krome Studios artist in tragic plane accident [Tsumea]


    This is in the Australian today (4th September). They have found both bodies and it seems as though the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is investigating the pilot's license validity; the article mentions that he may have only had a Private Pilot's License (PPL) and not have been legally permitted to be carrying paying passengers.

    Whats really sad is that his girlfriend bought him the ticket as a gift.

    My deepest condolences and well wishes go to Ian's family and friends.

    I was ian's best mate at school and grew up knowing him since we were born playing in shifnal where he grew up this has hit me hard and i would image anyone who knew ian at school would be feeling the same.He shall be missesd very much. i send out my deepest condolences to lynn,dave carl and bekki.

    paul dainty

    I can't believe it, I knew Ian when he lived in Shifnal. My heart goes out to his girlfriend and his family. I'm gutted, absolutely gutted, he was a great person, amazing fun to be around and a good friend to me in some difficult times.

    Love you Ian, you'll be so, so missed.

    Sam Potts x

    I remember Ian from School and what I do remember is that he was such a nice guy and a friend to all.

    Very sad news and my thoughts go out to his family.


    I've just found out about this tragedy and am in total shock. I went to college with Ian and he was such an amazing guy, always thinking of other people. I had just done a search to try and find him to get back in touch when I read the news.
    My deepest sympathy to Ian's family, girlfriend & friends, he will be greatly missed. Rest in peace
    Sam Budden xx

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