Mad Catz - Give Us A Chance And We'll Change Your Mind

The folks at Mad Catz are very much aware of the fact that gamers view their company's product and third party accessories in general as cheap, low quality knock offs. I myself haven't been too keen on their products for quite some time, a fact that I mentioned in my story about the Mad Catz Fender Bass for Rock Band. Well Mad Catz's Global PR & Comms Manager Alex Verrey dropped me a line yesterday with a message for all of us: Mad Catz has come a long way - just give us a chance to prove it. Using Rock Band as an example, Alex hammers home his point.

Rock Band range is a prime example. Take the Fender Bass: We proudly display a sticker on the packaging informing customers that the Strum Bar has been quality tested to 2.5 million cycles (That's 1.5 million more than official!)...If you still doubt the quality, how about this: Mad Catz will be the ONLY SHOW IN TOWN making the OFFICIAL Cymbal Packs for the Rock Band 2 Drum Kit, no one else will be making them, just us! With a product and a range this important, do you think Harmonix would let us go ahead if they had any doubts at all on the quality?


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