Man Claiming To Be Mortal Kombat 3 Director Still Keeping The Faith Over New Movie scored an exclusive interview with a man claiming to be the director of the third Mortal Kombat movie - variously called Mortal Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat: Devastation and just plain old Mortal Kombat.

I say 'claiming to be', because the man — Christopher 'Mink' Morrison — isn't mentioned on the film's IMDB page. Somebody called Chris 'Mink' Wingfield was involved for a bit, but not any more. I'm as confused as you are, frankly.

No matter, Mink says that the threequel is "still the money stage" and that several of the original cast members have been approached to star in the new film. None have yet committed.

The film is described as 'more of a remake' than a sequel - so perhaps there is to be some Dark Knight-style reinvention of the MK mythos. That has to be a good thing - the first two were unpardonable toss - but is there any real demand for a MK film? What do you lot think?

Filmmaker still game for Mortal Kombat [Moviehole]



    Threshold Entertainment is working on the finance with hollywood studios so the third Mortal Kombat movie is a remake so the casting will be underway but I don't think that Robin Shou will return he said he will move on from MK movies and Linden Ashby I don't think he would return for Johnny Cage ethier so this a MK remake I think that director Mink and producer Larry Kasanoff could get new actors for the new film IMO thaey might bring Shin Koyamada to get some audition to play Liu Kang and another Asian martial artist to play the Great Kung Lao or the young Kung Lao, plus they will be a new actress to play Sonya Blade also a new male actor to play Johnny Cage.
    It would be cool if we see Shin Koyamada to play the Liu Kang role for this new Mortal Kombet movie remake.
    Thank You.

    I think Terrance Davis should play (Cyrax). He is a very powerful up and coming actor who has all of the makings of a future movie star!!!!

    Oh yeah, i am Terrance Davis- I am good!

    THis is my long lost lover. He is the perfect actor for this role. He is great.

    Kathy Davis of Columbia Missouri...

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