Mass Effect Movie Optioned

Avi Arad, the man behind the recent spate of good comic book movie franchises, is rumoured to have optioned the rights to Bioware's sci-fi role-playing game Mass Effect, Variety is reporting.

Both EA and Arad declined to comment, but Variety reports that numerous sources have confirmed their report and speculate that Arad is in the the throes of trying to land a writer, director and studio for his freshly-minted deal.

For some reason the game never totally won me over, but the prequel book was a real page-turner, and I'd have to think that any deal for the movie rights would include some of that prequel source material.

Mass Effect movie rights optioned by Avi Arad [Variety]


    Great news but cautious. As a big fan of ME I really don't want to see it spoiled by some badly converted movie doesn't do it justice. Here's an idea, have to good people at Bioware work with the hollywood studio.

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