Maybe The Xbox 360 Really Is Sold Out In Japan...

...because it only moved a thousand units last week. That's with two Xbox 360 titles charting in the top fifty (Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin and Tales of Vesperia). Sure, it was a slow week for hardware sales across the board, with Wii sales bottoming out at 33K, but it certainly reads like Microsoft's supply is at near-starvation levels. Look at that teeny green slice! Now look away! It's too horrible...

Media Create's weekly hardware sales for September 1 to 7 are as follows.

Nintendo DS - 51,412
PSP - 34,462
Wii - 33,128
PlayStation 3 - 8,317
PlayStation 2 - 7,948
Xbox 360 - 1,044


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