Mega Man 9 Boss Art, Screens

So we knew back in July the names of the new bosses for Mega Man 9: Galaxy Man, Concrete Man, Tornado Man, Plug Man and Splash Woman. GamesRadar has another exclusive on this subject: concept art of two of them — Splash Woman and Plug Man — plus the weapons you win for defeating both (Laser Trident for the former; "Plug Ball" for the latter. Sounds like a wad of tobacky to me.) Plus they have some more screens. Weekends are made for eye candy (and, once upon a time, Michelob) so, enjoy. Mega Man 9 has three separate release dates: WiiWare on Monday, PlayStation Network on Thursday, and then finally Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday, Oct. 1.

Mega Man 9 Exclusive Boss Reveal [GamesRadar]


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