Metallica Album A Sonic Disaster, Fans Turn To Guitar Hero For Better Sound

Metallica fans are pissed. The release of the metal outfit's latest album, Death Magnetic, isn't quite what they were expecting, at least from a sound quality standpoint. Metallica fans contend that the album is overly distorted, that clipping distortion from the album being mastered too loud, are making for bad impressions.

Oddly enough, the Guitar Hero versions of these tracks, released last Friday, are in one man's words, "perfect." Ian Shepherd of the Mastering Media Blog has compared both versions of the tracks, finding that the studio album versions on the CD and LP are no match for their Guitar Hero counterparts. And some fans are looking to rip the video game version for a better sounding album.

You can read the whole audiophile nightmare at Shepherd's blog.

Metallica "Death Magnetic" Clipping Distortion [Mastering Media Blog]


    I'd noticed this, and thought it was just my dodgy headphones through my PSP, having seen this article, played it again through my HiFi setup, and man did it sound bad...

    what "person" fuck these people buy the actual album dipshits. Don't download Some shitty mp3 and then complain about sound quality of stolen low bit rate music like it's the true product you assholes

    @mike, i purchased the album its on the disk as in the pressed by WB disks as in the real metallica death magnetic CD, if you cant hear it good for you, but there are musicians out there like myself where it hurts to listen to i love the album but it seriously hurts to listen to it

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