Michael Atkinson Sued For Defamation

Michael Atkinson Sued For Defamation

Jack Thompson may be history, but we still have our own champion for all that is righteous here at home. So it pains us to share that South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson is being sued for defamation by the state’s Deputy Chief Magistrate, Dr Andrew Cannon. Cannon passed a judgment in June that suspended prison time due to consideration of the overcrowding in SA gaols. So the A-G called a press conference where he labeled Cannon’s judgment as a ‘Clayton’s judgment’ and ‘delusional’. Cannon asked for a public apology, was refused, and has now launched the defamation action.

I wonder if Atkinson would wear a defamation lawsuit as a badge of honour? Surely every crusader appreciates the ire of their enemies?

Deputy Chief Magistrate launched defamation action against Atkinson [Adelaide Now] (Thanks Robert!)


  • ^^ haha this

    Actually I don’t care what’s happening in Michael Atkinsons life unless it leads to him losing his position as Attorney General, or some life changing event that changes him mind on our rating system.

  • disbar him someone needs to get this bloke axed as beng attorney general of south australia so we can get us an R18+ rating i dont give a crap about silent hill but we had to suffer through the gta4 worrying phase where we didnt even know what was taken and prototypes gonna be ruined by the time we get it.
    someone must know if atkinson is dabbling in dirty business so we can get his butt kicked out of government

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