Microsoft Kicks Off Creepy Xbox 360 Ad Blitz

Microsoft is spending big this holiday season, trying to lure in the "causal" gamer who does not yet own an Xbox 360. They're also going after the "I like to be creeped the fuck out by hollow-headed women with death mask smiles" crowd with the first spot in the "Live Your Moment" ad campaign.

While we contend that Microsoft's new marketing thrust is the kind of disturbing digital witchcraft that will give us night terrors, the company describes its efforts as "focused on shifting brand perception and driving re-appraisal of the platform in a very competitive region with entrenched competition."

Continue on for the first "Live Your Moment" ad, if you dare, to see if your "re-appraisal of the platform" is significantly driven.


MS Launches Biggest Ever Xbox 360 Marketing Blitz [Edge Online]


    Nice to know that I'm not the only one deeply and inexplicably disturbed by this commercial!

    This commercial DOES give us the creeps..and we watch
    it over and over..hummm a plan?? :)
    The one with the boy (about 12?) bothers me even more.

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