MK Vs. DC Character List Outed By Achievements

Up until now Midway has been revealing new characters in their upcoming unholy union, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, in a rather dramatic fashion. Flashing pictures on the screen after a press conference in Germany, in front of a room full of comic book fans at Comic Con, or through the old standard, magazine exclusives. How sad is it then that the entire 22 character roster should then be revealed by a list of Xbox 360 achievements? Xbox360Achievements.Org has just posted such a list, which includes 22 character-specific achievements, such as Shazam Expert: Complete Shazam's expert combos.

So who's on the full roster? Saving that for after the jump, just in case anyone wishes to be surprised. Surely some of you would like to preserve the dramatic tension? No? Okay, here we go...


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