Molyneux's Next Game Idea is 'Far More Terrifying' (Huh?)

Oh ho ho. Peter Molyneux is once again being Peter Molyneux. He hasn't even gotten Fable II out the door yet, and he's already hyping his next game. "I won't tell you what we're doing next; I'm not allowed to," Molyneux said. "But it's a single, pure thought and so simple that it's actually far more terrifying..." Bwah? Continuing, Molyneux told game site Multiplayer:

I think a lot of my games in the past, I've been like a cook [and I]just keep shoving ingredients in the pot thinking 'oh, I need more of this, more of that.' I never tasted it, and then normally it tasted a bit weird at the end. And now what I've realised is it's not the number of features you've got in the game, it's the way those features work together.

Translation, please. Anyone? Anyone?

Peter Molyneux's Next Game Based On A Single (Secret!) Idea [Multiplayer][Pic]


    A good cook always tastes his dishes. If he's truly going to start tasting his dishes it could be a great thing, depending on his taste in games.

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