More AC/DC Looking Likely For Rock Band 2

Certainly looks that way. Found on the blog of the lead singer of Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (who are part of this week's DLC update), this screen was meant to show off the inclusion of their song "Shhh.".. in the game. Whatever, dude, never even heard of you. Look straight under "Shhh.".., however, and you'll see AC/DC's "Shoot To Thrill" listed as DLC. And the live version, from their Donington Castle show, to boot. Totally unconfirmed by Harmonix, of course, but then these kinds of things normally are.

AC/DC Rock Band DLC On the Way? [1UP]


    Maybe they should also consider Don Coleman's AC/DC based homage to Bon Scott called "Women, Whiskey & Rock'n'Roll" which has been posted on AC/DC's website for several months. The song is playing in 16 countries. It's also on YouTube along with Don's AC/DC performances.

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