More Bungie Teaser Shenanigans

Hey, look, more digital prick-teasing, courtesy of Bungie. Can't say I'm the biggest fan of this type of shameless hype-mongering, but then, there are no doubt clues/leads as to what this all means scattered throughout this latest update, so I can post it and call it a...public service announcement. If anyone's in the mood to speculate madly, I'm just going to throw my hat in and remind you that while Americans may think "maintenance" when you hear Superintendant, it can also be a rank in the police/prison service. Just some food for thought.



    in the books it shows you that Spartans have NO independent thought. they were brainwashed 6 year olds.

    Bzrrt. Stupid post award goes to koots. The Spartans had -plenty- of individual thought, they were raised and modified to be geniuses, each and every one of them. When the time came for their physical enhancements, about 30% were physically crippled. 117 (at this stage the top-ranking Spartan) was worried their lives would go to waste, but was incredibly relieved to find they'd be stationed in tactica, R&D and other assorted desk jobs where their brilliant and very individual minds could be put to use.

    Just consider it lucky a Halo fanboy didn't see that, the flaming would have been epic.

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